WHO remarks covid ‘situation worsening ‘, as the worldwide cases reaches 70 lakhs mark

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WHO warns about the worsening situation of covid-19, WHO Chief said that we saw the highest single-day count on 7 June of 1.36 lakhs worldwide. Ghebreyesus said that the governments need to be concerned as the public gatherings continue. Almost 7 million cases have been reported to the WHO and nearly 400;000 deaths due to covid-19. A

Most of the cases are from Europe and the United States. The cases in India are rising steeply. The total cases in India crossed 2.6 lakhs. Most of the cases are from Maharashtra about 90 thousand, and the national capital is at the extinction with 31k total cases with daily new cases of around fifteen hundred, the death rate is too high in Delhi with 9000 above casualties. The Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal is meeting Amit Shah to discuss the current situation and form actions.

Mumbai, another major city in India, is most badly affected by 51,000 cases in which 17,000 are deceased. Experts and scientists are worried about whether the cases are increasing in the Dharavi, the largest slum in the world. The govt and people must put in efforts to stop the virus from spreading in such a congested and highly populated area. The Maharashtra state’s total cases have risen up to 90,000.

Mumbai's Dharavi prone to covid-19 attack

The worsening situation of covid-19 in America is being accompanied by other hazards. Despite such situations, there are riots and public gatherings to demonstrate against racism after the case of George Floyd. People are hurting each other and fighting with police in which some policemen got killed, which is quite ironic as the people were there to stand for justice, but such things happened. The graph of covid 19 does not seem to come down, the total cases are above 2 million, and the daily cases are never less than 15000, which is very threatening.

USA riots, fight against racism

The situation in Italy is a little bit calmed, as the daily new cases reduced, well the country is comparatively small and has less population as compared to the other badly affected countries. In the last month, Italy decided to open and remove the lockdown. Since then, it is slowly opening the restaurants, parlors, etc., but with the guidelines to mandatorily follow the social distancing and protective measures.

Spain, another badly infected country by the covid 19, saw the lowering in the new cases due to the efforts of lockdown and restriction, but since the country opened again, it is prone to get hit by the second wave of the pandemic. Experts say that Spain’s economy will get most adversely affected by the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. As the administration can’t run the lockdown for any longer, it had drastic results on the economy. The country even decided to reopen the education institutes and schools with the guidelines to strictly follow the social distancing and the safety measures.

The WHO continuously warns about the situations, and despite taking action, the world governments can’t get to control the daily new cases. Last day we got around 1 lakh cases from all over the world, mostly from America.




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