“Entire Situation Along Border With China Under Control” said army chief

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The situation along border is under control finally! army chief assures. The “situation along our borders with China is under control”, the army chief General M M Naravne replied on Saturday morning when asked about the standoff between our army and the Chinese army. He said that after a lot of meetings between senior heads of both armies, resulted in “a lot of disengagement” and that “all perceived differences that we (India and China) have will be set to rest.”

The news agency ANI quoted General Naravne, “I would like to assure everyone that the entire situation along our borders with China is under control. We’re having a series of talks which started with Corps Commander level and has been followed up with meetings at local levels between commanders of equivalent ranks”.

The General added, “As a result, a lot of disengagement has taken place, and we are hopeful that through the continued dialogue we’re having, all perceived differences that we (India and China) have will be set to rest”.

The tension between India and China intensified in the early may when the report of skirmishes in the eastern Ladkah’s Pangong Region came. There were also reports of Chinese soldiers roaming in the Pangong lake using water boats and Chinese choppers flying in that region.

Also, the satellite images of last month were showing the presence of four Chinese fighter jets on an airport about 200 km from the Pangong Lake.

The Indian army said that the Chinese military is creating hindrance in the normal patrolling of the Indian soldiers along the Line Of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh and Sikkim and requested talks between high-level military officers of both the countries to settle the standoff.

The first round of meetings was held on June 6 on the Chinese side of LAC at the Border Personnel Meeting Point in Maldo. After the subsequent rounds of meetings between army officers, the situation along border is under control now.

The fifth round of meetings- at the Major General Level was held on Friday in Ladakh’s eastern region in the Galwan area.

Also, on Friday, Rajnath Singh, the Defense Minister of India, was briefed by the Army chief, Naval chief, and Air force chief along with the chief of Defense Staff, General Bipin Rawat.

According to the report of news agency PTI, Singh told the senior commanders of defense staff to exercise firmness in dealing with the disputes along the borders, but the issues must be solved with talks.

After these meetings, a large number of Chinese troops pulled back from that region, and India also called back its soldiers from that area to reciprocate.

In a statement given by the Chinese Defense Ministry, they mentioned that both the countries agreed to maintain peace along the Line Of Actual Control and will try to settle the disputes with talks.

India and China share a border of 3,488 km, which is the LAC. From the start, there have been issues of the actual boundary and the areas under the countries, but both the countries have decided to settle these issues peacefully through talks.




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