India-China border conflict became violent, 3 Indian soldiers got killed

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After the talks between senior military officers of both the countries, the situation on the border looked like it would cool down, but the opposite actually happened, the border conflict became violent. India lost three soldiers, including an officer, though the casualties are on both sides. This face-off happened on Monday night.

Since 1975, it is the first time India suffered a casualty by China’s People Liberation Army. In 1975, Indian soldiers were ambushed by the Chinese troops in Arunachal Pradesh.

We got to know that the officer among the three soldiers was the commanding officer of the unit, and one of them was a JCO(Junior Commandant Officer). The army told that the incident took place when the de-escalation process was “underway the Galway valley.”

The army said “Senior military officials of the two sides are currently meeting to defuse the situation,” which means efforts to stabilize this situation through discussion is still in progress.

The army commanders of the countries, Major General Abhijit Bhapat, commander of the Karu based HQs 3 Infantry Division, and his Chinese counterparts are holding talks there at the site to reduce tension.

People who are familiar with this face-off told anonymously that the two armies were engaged in throwing stones and using rods to attack each other, that is how our soldiers got killed. The army did not comment on this. This is not the first time that the Indian Army and Chinese PLA have engaged in a fight like this, however this time, we faced the loss of men.

In Delhi, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh reviewed the report of the current situation after this clash on Line Of Actual Control, along with Gen Bipin Rawat, Chief of defense staff, and the three service chiefs. Foreign minister S Jaishankar was there too in the meeting. General Naravne canceled his scheduled meeting to visit Pathankot on Tuesday.

The encounter happened in the eastern region of Ladakh, where the standoff started between the Indian army and rival troops near the Pangong river, but now this border conflict became violent and caused casualties on both sides.
The Indian army has received three casualties, including a colonel on Monday, it is told by one person familiar with this matter. Another person said that there were casualties on both sides. Both the person asked to remain anonymous.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry stated that it was not aware of casualties on either side.

The spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Zhao Lijian, spoke of close communication with their army and diplomatic channels before blaming Indian soldiers for this face-off on Monday evening.

Zhao said, “Our border troops had a high-level meeting and reached important consensus on easing the border situation. But astonishingly on June 15, the Indian troops seriously violated our consensus and twice crossed the borderline for illegal activities and provoked and attacked Chinese personnel, which led to serious physical conflict between the two sides’’.

Zhao’s statement shows that there would be fatalities on the Chinese side too.

Unfortunately, this face-off occurred when the two armies were trying to solve this issue diplomatically through talks, but this incident made the situation worse.




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