“We are not at war with China, but we fully geared up,” said Air Chief Marshal RKS Bhadauria

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We(India) are not expecting to start a war with China on the ongoing border issue. Still, we are fully ready for it, if such kind of situations arises, Air Chief Marshal RKS Bhadauria replied when asked about the preparation on the borders.

“We are not at war with China, but we fully geared up to meet any contingency arising out the recent conflict on the Line of Actual Control (LAC),” Bhadauria said while answering the news reporters after watching the Combined Graduation Parade of 123 Indian Air Force cadets at Air Force Academy at Dundigal on the outer area of Hyderabad.

The Air Chief Marshal was replying to a query about his analysis and plan on the situation of LAC, as he recently visited the airbases in Leh and Srinagar in the last few days. He said the army has full control over the situation at Ladakh’s Galwan valley, the area where 20 soldiers martyred while the post from Chinese troops.

“The army has already given a statement to this effect. At the same time, our Air Force is also ready to supplement the efforts of the army by deploying additional battalions to meet the contingency, if required,” Bhadauria said.

When he was asked whether more fighter jets would be moved to the Galwan valley and nearby bases, he replied that the Indian Air Force has many air bases in strategic locations, not just two.“We shall assess the situation and go about with our deployments. However, we have stepped up our deployments after the recent conflicts with China post-May,” he said.

To one other question, he replied that IAF is capable of handling the tough situations on high altitudes, but for strategic reasons, he can not brief about the deployments and the locations where those will be paced.

When asked about any message he wanted to convey to his adversaries, he replied, why should I be saying anything to the adversaries. He meant India did not want to send any message to the adversaries, but would always be ready to protect its provinces. “Why should I send any message to the adversaries,” Bhadauria said.

About the new cadets who recently graduated from the Indian Air Force Academy(123rd batch), he said they would join their squadrons and units immediately. So, whenever the situation persists, they can come into action and defend their nation. 

Before addressing the newly graduated batch of IAF, he said that the sacrifice of our soldiers in Ladakh would not go in vain.

“It should be very clear that we are well prepared and suitably deployed to respond to any contingency. I assure the nation that we are determined to deliver and will never let the sacrifice of our braves of Galwan go in vain,” he said.

“Please join me in paying tribute to Colonel Santosh Babu and his brave men who made the sacrifice while defending the LAC in Galwan Valley. The gallant actions in a highly challenging situation have demonstrated our resolve to protect India’s sovereignty at any cost,” Bhadauria said.




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