Reliance Jio’s made in India app JioMeet, a Zoom-rival is now available for various platforms; here are the details you need to know

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Reliance Jio’s made in India app JioMeet, a video conferencing application, is officially launched following the beta versions. Jio Meet is available as a free mobile application for all users, whether using an Android or iOS and also as a desktop web application accessible to various platforms like Windows, Mac, etc. With this app, Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) is ready to take over rivals like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and other apps, which have seen an increase in the usage during the past days as a lot of people are bound to stay inside the homes due to the pandemic created by the novel coronavirus. These apps observed heavy traffic and made millions of users due to the outbreak, and these apps have really helped people in staying connected with their friends and colleagues.

JioMeet is freely available to use and the most important thing, it is made in India and contributes to the self-sufficient Bharat(Atma Nirbhar Bharat), these two factors definitely give it an advantage over the other apps used in India for video meetings. But what is more awesome is that Jio hasn’t compromised with the features. As a free service, JioMeet is seriously way above others when it comes to functionality. Luckily, it is also very easy to use. There is no doubt about it, the app has already crossed 10,000 downloads on Android, after a few hours it went live. Initially, it was available for limited users in the beta version.

JioMeet allows you to video meet simultaneously with up to 100 other users, and there is no time limit for a call. JioMeet video calls can go up to 24 hours without interruption from the server, and it’s free to have as many calls as you like every day. Features like scheduling the meetings and sharing screens are available in JioMeet.

A host can sign up using either an email ID or mobile number, can send invite links to participants, and can also use a password for their meeting to keep the meeting safe. JioMeet also provides the feature of a waiting room so that the host can precisely control the participants who need to enter, and who have to wait.

Well, all the above-mentioned features aren’t new or revolutionary (JioMeet seems to have included many features from Zoom and other apps ), but looking at JioMeet’s user, the chances of it becoming the most used video calling service for many people in our country in the coming days is very high. Curiously, Jio tells a lot about the enterprise-grade hosting control in its app description but did not mention the privacy perks of JioMeet. The app has a great privacy policy, though. The JioMeet’s website calls JioMeet the most secure video meeting solution and Jio’s made in India app JioMeet, but the JioMeet’s exact security rules (whether it’s calls are end-to-end encrypted or not, for instance) are still unknown.

The privacy policy of JioMeet mentions a “pro” version of the app that may be in the developing phase. There is not much out there about the pro version, though it is assumed that Jio is planning on to include features like call recording, etc. Details about the pro version are awaited.




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