Tinder brings new feature of video chat; here are the details about this new feature

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Coronavirus outbreak and the consecutive lockdown periods across the globe have put the tech companies and app makers in a situation to come up with new features to help users cope up in this pandemic. Many companies have taken the required steps and have added new features to let their users fight the lockdown odds. Amidst this lockdown period, Tinder brings new feature of video chat to its app. Tinder has named this new feature as “Face to Face,” and it claims that users don’t need to ask the users to give each other their phone numbers.

For now, Tinder has planned to deliver this new feature in only selected markets, which are Virginia, Georgia, Illinois, and Colorado in the US, France, Brazil, and Australia. Tinder said that its IT team wants to analyze and assess how its servers and environment deal with this new feature before they publish it comprehensively to the world.

Tinder briefed about the new feature Face to Face will be different from other video calling services provided by other companies. For one, all users are required to opt into the call to start it; otherwise, it won’t happen. Users would be provided with a video icon on the right corner of the screen in the chat page, they will be prompted to opt to video call with the other person, and the same will appear to the other user, where he or she can choose to video call or not. With this feature, the users can make the video call themselves. They can opt to leave the video call anytime they want.
During the call, all parties have to agree to keep their call PG, and this move is placed in the app to check the spread of nudity or sexual material, abuse, hate speech, or other illegal stuff. This new feature will let the users see themselves as they can see the other person they are calling(to see themselves in the same configuration as will be shown to the person on the other side).
Match, the parent company of Tinder had announced that they would introduce the new feature of video chat in Tinder in its Q1 2020 earnings report. The company sees this move to launch the Face to Face feature as a step towards the evolution of the Tinder App amid the coronavirus outbreak.




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