10 best moments to smoke weed

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Smoking Marijuana is excellent therapy, capable of recovering from any condition of insomnia to the chemotherapy side effects. But it can also be a nice vehicle to attain peace of mind and increase your sense of well-being. Here I have mentioned ten best moments to smoke weed that will make your cannabis experience great.

Take Bath

When you get tired, and your muscles start aching. You can light up the environment with a pot and some scented candles. This will make the setting awesome and pleasure full. This is a really nice way of relaxing and among the best moments to smoke weed.

Workout after taking pot

Weed will give you a boost in the workout, especially if you are going for running exercises and high calorie-burning workout. In lifting weights, it will make the muscles flex and pump. Marijuana increases the tendency of muscles to reach the limits. It makes you not get tired too early.

Let’s Clean our House!

We all know it is really boring to do cleaning stuff but give it a try with weed. The weed will make this activity delightful. Your pals will be amazed to watch you cleaning your house while enjoying it.

Spending time with kids

Children love to talk with their toys and do stuff that adults never want to do. But if you wanna enjoy their games the same way they do, a few puffs will do it for you. Your imagination will take you to a ride of your childhood, and children gonna love it.

Go for Movies

Weed takes the joy of watching movies to the next level. Once the theatres starts opening after this outbreak ends. Rush to the theatres and watch movies on a big screen with your friends instead of watching on your laptop alone on a bed. Weed will make it a great experience.

Eat out 

Eating out with friends is something we plan on a regular basis. But after a few puffs, you’re gonna love the food. Whatever arrives at your table starters, soup, or dessert everything is going to taste awesome and another thing is that it increases your appetite.

Getting on

We don’t know why people don’t consider hitting a pot before getting laid. It is experienced by a lot of people that after toking up, there stamina increase to stay put for a long time compared to the normal sex. The experience is really awesome compared to that without toking up. 

Meditation and prayer

Some ancient civilization extracts shows that the use of herb to meditate was in practice for a long time, but slowly it got vague and it came into prohibited substances. Some people believe that cannabis can take you to the inner cosmic world. It is capable of making your body still and keeping your mind quite.

Watching news

Watching news can be really stressful nowadays but with a few puffs, you can watch without getting too shocked. Especially nowadays, there is so much tension in the world because of the pandemic, toking can really help in releasing the tension and chilling out




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