OnePlus Nord all over the world, most awaited smartphone in july, 2020

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OnePlus has been teasing the OnePlus Nord all over the world, Nord is OnePlus’ ‘midrange-but-premium’ phone, and the company is going to reveal it this week.

July 21 was decided for its release, and we have a good idea what we expect, after getting a good look at its design, during an interview conducted by YouTube reviewer Marques Brownlee with Carl Pei, the co-founder of OnePlus Company.

The back of the device is very stylish and novel. All these colors offer a lot of variety.

In the last few years, we’ve observed increasing the quality of budget-priced smartphones. We are talking about the Google Pixel 3a, iPhone SE, and some other budget smartphones offered by the tech giants. Carl Pei said that “with the Snapdragon 765G chipset from Qualcomm, we finally feel like the midrange chipsets are ready to deliver the experience that people expect from OnePlus products.” He claimed that the experience of using the OnePlus Nord is going to be as smooth as using it’s one of 800-series smartphones — we can assume 8 and 8 Pro.

“You won’t be actually able to tell which platform you’re on. All the animations, all the optimizations, we’ve kind of taken from the 800 series and brought to the 700 series,” said Carl. What he seems to mean is that you won’t be able to tell the difference during the day to day task, but if you’re doing stuff like 3D gaming, there would be some differences in the performance.

Earlier, OnePlus did release a low budget smartphone — that wasn’t succeeded in the market — it was the OnePlus X. Since then, the Android software and processing units have changed a lot. As smartphones normally come with a price mark above $1,000, now people have realized that we don’t need all those fancy features and specs. People have been waiting for OnePlus Nord all Over the world.

Though the reveal of the OnePlus Nord is an awesome present, Brownlee’s video about the OnePlus Nord centers around the budget and price decisions overlooking the phone’s design; his video is titled “How much do smartphones actually cost?” Brownlee talked with representatives of few companies to examine which among those are willing to talk about different components that determine the cost of smartphones and OnePlus. The interview of Brownlee was full of interesting facts, such as adding NFC to a smartphone costs about $4 to the manufacturer (and a lot more to consumer), and one more amazing thing is that the cost for adding IP68 waterproofing mostly comes from the testing instrument, not from the component itself.

You can watch the video on Brownlee’s youtube channel. It is available there.

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