The iPhone 12 is Coming, there are so many price leaks we are getting

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The iPhone 12 is coming and will obviously be in the category of expensive phones, but the new price leaks suggest that it could be even costlier than the earlier price leaks.

According to a tech leaker @komiya_kj, iPhone 12 will be starting with a price tag of $699 for a 64GB storage variant in the US. Two earlier leaks had suggested that it would not cost more than $649 for the 128GB storage variant. In the latest leak, it is suggested that you have to pay $749 for 128GB storage, which is $100 extra. The price of 256 GB variant then will go up to $849.

For general information, $699 is roughly equal to AU$975 or £540, although a direct conversion to another currency would be an unreliable way to predict prices in other regions.

The larger version of 6.1-inch with 5G connectivity of iPhone 12 Max is available at $799 with 64GB storage, 128GB storage variant will cost you $849, and for 256GB storage variant, you will have to pay $949.Compared to the previous leaks, it is 100$ extra.

However, this source has predicted prices only for 5G models. Some other sources suggest that there will be a cheaper version of 4G-only connectivity as well. So @komiya_kj might be right, but it could also be possible to get the phone for less than the price he mentioned, but we are comparing these prices to 5G models, which suggest prices are higher than what we heard.

Coming to the iPhone 12 Pro (which is expected to come only in 5G variety), the current source says that the starting price would be $1,049 for 128GB storage variant, going up to $1,149 for 256GB storage variant, and 512GB storage capacity model will cost you $1349, which implies that the starting price is $100 more than what we heard earlier.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max will cost $1,149 for 128GB, $1,249 for 256GB, or $1,449 for 512GB of storage capacity respectively, which is $50 greater than the earlier price leaks at each step.

The source also adds that the real prices could be up to $50 less than the leaks, but for most of the leaks, it would still make $50 greater than the earlier price leaks.

It’s not just the phone’s prices that we want to know though, as @komiya_kj also shared some information about the battery capacity, he claimed that the iPhone 12 has a battery with 2,227mAh capacity, 12 Max has a battery of 2,815mAh, 12 Pro has 2,775mAh battery, and 12 Pro Max has a battery capacity of 3,687mAh.

These leaks are similar to an earlier price leak, which suggested the battery sizes of the two versions iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Max, but it suggested that both the phones would have a battery of 2,775mAh capacity.

We cannot trust the leaker completely as he doesn’t have much of a track record for now. Also, the prices for the UK and Australia are not yet clear.
The iPhone 12 price could possibly be announced in September.




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