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What is Ashley Piercing?

Piercing also termed as inverse vertical labret, Ashley piercing is one of the true lip piercing. It is placed exactly at the center of the lower lip. It is somewhat like vertical labret piercing. Since vertical labret piercing is placed under the chin but its double pierced look never touches the inside of the mouth. However, Lip piercing point is at the center of the lip which means you can only see the piercing jewelry front end and the rest will exit into the mouth.

Piercing meaning

Piercing means getting a small hole in a part of the body to worn a stud, ring or any piece of jewelry in a pierced part.

People who love to explore different style of piercing right on the lips can try this subtler look of Ashley piercing.

Is Ashley piercing painful?

As we know Ashley piercing locates the center of the lower lip, and that makes it to increase pain level as compared to usual piercing. People who have been pierced earlier concluded that Ashley piercing is one of the painful lip piercings.

For this piercing a needle pushes horizontally through the lower lip inside the mouth. Because lips functions as host for number of nerves ending so you will feel this piercing more painful and sharp so it is not recommended for people with lower pain tolerances.

How long time Ashley piercing take to heal?

Usually, this piercing takes 2 to 4 months to heal but it could take 6 months also in some exceptional cases. So, you have to very careful before stopping aftercare practice of piercing.

Throughout the healing process, you may feel swelling on the lips just because of its location. So, all you need to do is just use a longer barbell for a few days to aid swelling and then you can turn to a smaller labret stud. Also, you must be very careful while eating food to avoid biting on your piercing jewelry till the time you get used to piercing. It is recommended that to eat softer food initially because larger jewelry is easy to chew on.

What are the aftercare rules of Ashley piercing? 

After starts just after the piercing is done. The sensitive location of the piercing needs to make it more attentive to aftercare. With all-new piercings, it is important to limit stirring or poignant the piercing jewelry to avoid suffering to the skin. So, if you done with lip piercing just be careful with your new jewelry for a few weeks of healing. Jewelry rejection, breaking teeth on jewelry, are some of the risks which are associated with lip piercing so you should not tolerate aftercare practices of these piercing types.

Can I get an Ashley lip piercing?

See, as mentioned earlier lip piercing needs more attention during healing as compared to other types of piercing. So, if you are one of them who have a habit of playing with lips, in that case, you might switch to Monroe piercing or alternative piercings.


Choose a proficient piercer, since the location of Ashley piercing is unique and sensitive; a misdirected lip piercing can cause damage to the surrounding area of your lips.

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