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Smiley piercing 

Smiley piercing is also termed as frenulum piercing because the piercing jewelry goes through frenulum (thin layer of skin connecting upper lip to upper gum). oh! Difficult to find it? OK just close your lips, touch the flap tissue that is straight upward in front of your teeth. YES, this is frenulum.

Also, this piercing can be your small surprise till the time you will not reveal it because it is visible only when you smile and this is the reason behind its named smiley piercing.So, in this article I will clear out all the things which comes in mind whosoever decide to get smiley piercing.

Is smiley piercing painful?

Yes, it is, pain is possible with all types of piercing. Also, it totally depends upon you how much you can tolerate pain after piercing. If your frenulum is thin then it will not take long for the sharp needle to pass through, hence you will feel it painfully but it will be fast.

Furthermore, don’t panic at the thought of how you will tolerate the pain or how much pain this smiley piercing can cause. Just take a deep breath and think of how cool your new look is going to be. And that’s how you can ignore your pain.

How much time does smiley piercing take to heal?

Normally, smiley piercing takes around 4-12weeks to heal, as mouth heals quickly. But if you will not take aftercare recommendations seriously in that case smiley piercing may take long to heal and you may feel mild pain and swelling initially. Don’t worry these symptoms will decrease with time as the healing process continues.

What are the aftercare rules of smiley piercing?

With all piercings it is very important to take good care of piercing so that it doesn’t get infected and also to avoid any pain. So here are some precautions you have to take during the healing process.

Firstly, always keep your mouth clean to avoid any snags to the piercing jewelry. So, rinse your mouth 2 to 3 times in a day with saline solution. There are some rinses available in the market specifically for piercing aftercare.

Secondly, you have to be very careful with your piercing jewelry while eating food to avoid biting on piercing. So, for a few days add soft and light food in your diet till the time you are used to smiley piercing.

Thirdly, never touch your piercing jewelry during healing. Try not to play with your jewelry; it may result in piercing rejection. Be patient, try not to play with piercing jewelry with your tongues also till the time you are used to it. Just leave the jewelry alone to heal.

Fourthly, never stop brushing your teeth 2 times a day, It may cause cavities. Adding to this, stick to milder flavor toothpaste as regular toothpaste may cause irritation to your piercing.

Fifthly, stay away from drinking alcohol or smoking for next few weeks as your healing process will slow down suddenly.

Sixthly, avoid oral conversation for a fact that a lot of talking can cause pain around the area of piercing. So simply refrain yourself from doing gossip. Yes, you can opt for text messages or email instead of oral conversations this will help you in quick healing.

How much does a smiley piercing cost?

Typically, smiley piercing costs around $30. Because you are paying this much for your piercing so make sure that your piercer uses disinfected tools.

Pro Tip

Smiley piercing is not a permanent piercing. It can last up to 3 to 4 years but some say that their piercing lasted only 1 year. So if you are looking for a piercing that will be temporary and cool then just go ahead with smiley piercing.




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