Tongue Web Piercing

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Have you ever heard about a piercing that is completely hidden unless you show it off to someone? we are talking about Tongue web piercing or you can call it tongue frenulum piercing. Read more to know all the necessary information related to tongue web piercing such as cost, pain level, healing time.

What Is A Tongue Web Piercing?

Tongue Web Piercing is a piercing that is located on the frenulum of the tongue. Frenulum is a very thin skin(tissue) which allows speech and connects tongue to the mouth floor. The best part of this piercing is it is only visible when you lift your tongue up to show your web piercing to someone.

Tongue frenulum piercing is quite uncommon and this is the reason getting this piercing is just like thinking out of the box. People who love to try something unique can get web piercing for an amazing look.

Pros and Cons

Here are pros and cons associated with web piercing, just have a look before you get pierced.


·        The best strong part of tongue web piercing is it can be easily hidden.

·        Frenulum piercing is less painful as compared to other piercings.

·        frenulum does not have blood vessels so don’t worry about bleeding during the piercing procedure.


·        You can only go for this piercing if you have much frenulum (tissue) available otherwise you have to drop this idea of getting web piercing. But yes, you can go for other tongue piercings.

·        After getting tongue web piercing you have to strictly change eating habits as it may cause irritation around the pierce area.

·        jewelry may cause irritation around the pierced area so you have to take professional piercer’s advice before getting web piercing.


Look for an expert piercer for your web piercing to avoid any type of complications. Also, before your piercer starts the procedure make sure he uses sterilized equipment that is individually packed.

After that you need to rinse your mouth with antibacterial mouthwash. The expert piercer will hold your frenulum using surgical clamp and piercing using a hollow needle and insert the jewelry.

How Much Does Tongue Web Piercing Hurt?

Every person cannot tolerate different pain levels. For an individual, lip piercings are more painful compared to tongue piercings. But let me tell you if we check on a pain scale meter of level 1 to 10, level 1 means least painful and level 10 means most painful, I will give level 3 to tongue frenulum piercing. This piercing is less pain because of less blood vessels in frenulum.

Healing Time and Aftercare

So, now you must be thinking of healing time and aftercare of the web piercing. Frankly speaking it is totally depending upon you how much you follow your piercer instruction regarding aftercare rules. Frenulum piercing takes around 1 or 1.5 months only if you follow aftercare rules properly.


·        Maintain good oral hygiene and use soft toothbrush in routine

·        Rinse your mouth with an antibacterial mouthwash after every meal

·        Clean your piercing jewelry with saltwater

·        Always be careful of any sign of infection


·        Do not touch or play with your piercing

·        Always wash your hands before touching your tongue piercing

·        Don’t talk too much till the time it heals

·        Avoid eating hot and spicy food




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