Barcelona Loses one more Gem from the Crown.

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Lionel Messi just gave a farewell speech to Barcelona. The five-time Ballon d’Or winner announced his intention to retire after the 2020 season, which will bring an end of 20 years with Spain’s first club and where he made history as one of its greatest players.

Although Leo loved playing for Barca, it was time that they both accepted their wishes could never be fulfilled because Lionel wanted more money than what the club had available due to economic and structural obstacles in Catalonia; hence making this decision irreversible despite wanting him back next year at all costs.

Lionel Messi, a six-time Ballon d’Or winner, finally landed an international trophy with Argentina. He led his team and helped them beat their rivals Brazil in the Copa America Championship this June.

The doubts over his continuation at Barcelona have only grown with the release of quotes from Neymar’s interview, in which he said that “there had been no project or anything for a long time” and wanted to leave as a free agent.

Lionel Messi, formerly the all-time top scorer and appearance maker for Barcelona, has agreed to see his contract with Barca. He will be making one more year of appearances at Camp Nou while getting close to breaking various records set by past players such as Angel Cappa or Ronald Koeman.

Lionel Messi has always been very loyal to Barcelona, signing his first contract at the tender age of 13 on a napkin. He signed another contract in 2008 and yet again with Barça in 2014 before becoming a free agent this summer when it expired after he played 788 games for them!

Last season, the club’s disappointing performance landed them only with a Spanish Cup and an early exit in the Champions League. The team last captured this title back in 2015!

There has been speculation as to whether Lionel Messi will sign on with Barcelona for two years and then potentially head to Major League Soccer. However, a friend and former Barca teammate, Neymar, says he would love the opportunity of teaming up again at Paris Saint Germain.

Huge debts

Barcelona has been under pressure due to their debts, and now they are facing the risk of being unable to move up in rank.

The team recently sold two of its players, Junior Firpo and Konrad de la Fuente. For example, they say impressive credentials: Firpo has played in the Champions League with his Spanish side while De La Fuente is a US international who won Gold at this year’s Olympics!

The La Liga in 2013 introduced so-called financial “fair play” regulations that set a maximum amount of money each club can spend on its playing squad and coaching staff. This is conditioned by the income, making it an interesting way for clubs to keep their costs low without sacrificing quality.

The Catalan side has been recruiting top players to please Messi, such as Sergio Aguero. The Argentine signed with Barcelona on a two-year deal from Manchester City in the summer transfer window, looking for glory after not winning any trophies while playing at Man City.

The Spanish media was shocked when they found out that Lionel Messi is the highest-paid athlete globally, making 555 million euros from November 2017 to now.

This article highlights that there is no other player in the world who earns as much money as Lionel Messi. This is largely due to his popularity and status with Barcelona, making him one of the most recognizable athletes.

Likely tired of being asked about his future, it would appear that soccer star Lionel Messi has finally decided to let the cat out of the bag.

Several days ago, he agreed to an interview with a Spanish media outlet where he said “nothing is confirmed.” When prodded for more information by reporters following up on this comment at Barcelona’s training ground in Argentina today, all was revealed as just minutes later Leo stepped off one bus then onto another before disappearing from view behind tinted windows as if setting off into retirement or some other great adventure.

Barcelona has been in a state of flux ever since the resignation of former president Josep Maria Bartomeu. The club’s members succeeded when they voted against him with Messi’s attempt to leave as an example, but Joan Laporta stepped up and became President himself after his re-election this March. “Leo loves Barca,” said then newly elected CEO Leo during their time together, “And knows that we are all one big family.”




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Barcelona Loses one more Gem from the Crown.

Lionel Messi just gave a farewell speech to Barcelona. The five-time Ballon d'Or winner announced his intention to retire after the 2020...