Are Humans Honestly More Splendid Than Our Smartphones

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The answer would be yes. Human beings are more splendid than our smartphones. Humans create smartphones to enhance and improve human life. They make one’s life more convenient and pleasant but do not take the place of its creator. Nowadays, technology has become essential in our lives like smartphones, tablets, laptops, camera sunglasses, etc. Technology means the invention of tools and technologies by humans that aims to assist us, help us do tasks with more efficiency, speed, and accuracy, but they can not take the place of humans.

Humans have designed technology to help accomplish tasks that are mundane or riskier. It is therefore intended to perform better than humans. Take an example of a note counting machine; a person and machine can count notes, but the task done using technology is achieved much faster and more accurately. It could be thought that technology is better than humans. Still, technology cannot supersede humans because humans make technology, but humans can also create better technology to beat the last one. That is why it is irrelevant to say that smartphones are more splendid because the human mind has no comparison.

Why are humans more Splendid than our Smart Phones?

There is one key difference between people and smartphones that distinguishes humans from smartphones. The most significant difference between them is in their emotions. So do not rely on your smartphones. We can rely on ourselves and our friends and family members. Although smartphones are unquestionably better at tackling problems that need their unique abilities, humans have the upper hand on jobs that robots just cannot. Till now, humans are still better than smartphones at a lot of tasks. These tasks include lip-reading, guessing whether somebody is gay or straight from a photograph, image classification, identifying skin cancer, playing go, poker and jeopardy, translation, arts, research, and development. The human brain is an exciting part of recognition and detection; our brains learn in few seconds. Human beings can store many images in their brain and a lot of information. Only humans can imagine and learn more complex mathematical equations.

The human body is comprised of voluntary and involuntary systems. The fun part is the intuitive part. How do you breathe? How does your body secretes stomach acid? Why, when you eat, is there too much saliva in your mouth? Why do you feel shortness of breath when you panic? How on earth are you able to walk? Really how on the ground are you able to work? Do you walk just by moving your legs? Well, technically, yes, but trust me when I say there are people in the world who have 100% condition legs but cannot walk.

On the other hand, smartphones are not complex at all. The operating composition of a smartphone is the hardware, software, and electricity. Smartphones operate what the software or system allows in a minimal range. For example, you can think of what you wanted your phone to do now, but it will not be able to do on its own.

You can solve an unknown smartphone issue within five to ten minutes, but you can’t solve problems that happen with or within your body. That is why you needed to seek a doctor. Humans have extraordinary brain capabilities and abilities to do big things. As a human, we should learn to do self-checking, learn to appreciate ourself and learn self-awareness. Humans are unique because Allah Almighty creates them.  Your single birth is 1 in a billion, and that is a fantastic thing in humans. Every human is fantastic and works With different mindsets. On the other hand, smartphones of the same brand are precisely alike.

Why are Smartphones Considered to be Splendid?

Indeed, a smartphone is officially identified as a new organ of the human body. We carry it everywhere these days. It is very odd to find someone without it these days. They give you company when nobody is around. But of course, you forgot how you drew yourself away from real people and things in the first place because of this one device. When you can not live without something, that must be important, but smartphones are not splendid.

Gadgets are blurring the lines between reality and fiction. And because fictional things can be recreated as desired in a virtually endless space, people are likely to prefer this more than reality because the real world sucks. It is full of problems and noise. Why would anyone want to live among problems and chaos right? That is the reason why people can not keep their phones aside. Nobody wants to see the cruel face of reality, neither they want to change it. The easy way is to ignore it and lose yourself in this virtual space. We have successfully created a recipe for our madness.




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Are Humans Honestly More Splendid Than Our Smartphones

The answer would be yes. Human beings are more splendid than our smartphones. Humans create smartphones to enhance and improve human life....

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