Double Tongue Piercing Guide and Aftercare

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You can make your tongue piercing way more noticeable by getting a double one. In Double tongue piercing The balls on each end will look like they’re floating in mid-air, and you’ll have an extra ball to show off when it needs cleaning!

Getting a tongue piercing can be pretty rad. But if you want to take it up another notch, try getting your ears pierced instead!

Getting your tongue pierced is a rite of passage. It’s not something taken lightly, and you want to be sure that there are no complications before doing it for the first time; just ask anyone who has had theirs done once or twice already!

There’s so much more than aesthetics in choosing the right piercing for yourself; one needs to consider safety when making this decision. For those newbies out there looking to get their tongues pierced – don’t worry about getting it wrong because they’ll do everything possible beforehand (even with pre-piercing consultation), where piercers will advise on what material would suit each best based on their medical history, skin type, etc., among other considerations like potential allergic.

What Is A Double Tongue or Frog Eye Piercing?

The first thing you should know is that there are two different types of double tongue piercings. Some have a set of two separate pierced in the tongue, and some use a single piercing with curved barbells that come out on each side. What’s more, not all configurations involving tongues can be classified as “double-tongue” piercings (especially if they don’t involve any modification).

The first thing you should know about double-tongue piercings is which category it falls into: There are both sets where one has its own hole while the other only shares space between them, or just one long-toothed piece sticking through both holes at once–albeit bent so when pulled up from.

That’s because piercings can be placed pretty much anywhere on the tongue as long as you have room, and it doesn’t interfere with veins or other particularly risky areas. Some people like to pierce their tongues near a specific letter, such as an “E.” This is called “alphabetical piercing.”

Before Wi-Fi, people would go to the library and ask for a certain type of piercing. Today with so many piercings in this world, it has become easier than ever before to find out what kind of piercing you want by researching online or asking your friends who have them.

People often forget about how much information is available without having an internet connection nowadays until they need something specific like finding out which types of body piercings are popular at the moment because their friend can’t tell them over text message anymore due to poor reception when she’s on her way home from work.

The frog eye piercing is a new take on the tongue ring with two piercings set symmetrically on either side of your tongue. The placement should be close to each other, but not too closely.

The Frog Eye Piercing may be what you’ve been waiting for! This unique setup consists of two piercings stretched horizontally across both sides of one’s tongue and can offer an interesting alternative look for any day at work or play.

People who want to pierce the snake bite piercing may be confused about what it is. Is it a venom or wire? The answer is that they are the same thing, and people call them different names depending on where in your country you live.

People often get confused when figuring out if this type of piercings is called “venom,” which also goes by another name: wires. They have little difference between these two types of piercings; there’s no distinction other than their regional vernaculars.

The frog’s eye piercing is a tongue tang that can be confused with the snake’s eyes. The difference between these two piercings, however, is located at the tip of your tongue.

This earring is a great way to make your tongue look like it has real snake eyes.

Double Tongue Piercing
Double Tongue Piercing

What Happens During A Frog Eye Piercing?

You are about to get your tongue pierced, but you’re wondering what kind of experience that entails. You can rest assured it is similar in process and timing as a basic frog eye-piercing–here’s how the steps break down:

If you’re thinking of getting this done anywhere other than a piercing studio or tattoo parlor (like your cousin’s bedroom), then back out of the room right away and find a reputable body piercer, and by reputable I mean they have performed multiple tongue piercings before in clean environments with sterile equipment.

When you visit the piercing studio, they will provide mouthwash for cleaning your new tongue ring. This is necessary to remove any bacteria and germs to increase safety from infection.

You’ll need antiseptic mouth wash when getting a pierced tongue; it removes all of the germs that can lead to infections too!

Your mouth is a very dirty place, so it’s important to get rid of any bacteria that might try and take over your piercing. One way you can do this before getting pierced is by brushing with toothpaste on a wet toothbrush for two minutes (or the length recommended by your dentist).

The next time I went in to get my tongue pierced, one thing they told me was that there are more germs than cells in our mouths – something like 10 times as many! A few days after getting my new body art done, when we looked at pictures together during dinner, I could see he had some red marks around his nose from where he must have been picking or rubbing his face too much. It’s not uncommon.

Your tongue and the two places on your upper lip will be marked. Your body piercer may look at the underside of your tongue to find any potential veins that could lead to infection, so they can avoid piercing them carefully.

Once you’ve marked up and ready, they will clamp your tongue in place to keep it still while the piercer uses a sterilized piercing needle. After each jewelry placement, there is some time for healing before moving on to another area where barbells or other types of rings are inserted with care.

I was nervous about getting my tongue pierced, but I really wanted one, so I decided just to go for it despite being unsure what would happen when the moment arrived. The process itself wasn’t terribly painful at all; however, after insertion came that awful waiting period as we waited 10-15 minutes between spots because our mouth couldn’t close evenly without touching any fresh wounds from previous ones!

This jewelry is designed to accommodate your tongue swelling so you can still enjoy a gourmet meal without feeling self-conscious!

Having both sides pierced at once means you only have to go through one healing period. That’s a time for sore tongues and the consequential difficulty eating and speaking!

If getting pierced twice at once is too much for you, piercers can do one side. Just make sure to tell your piercer that you only want the other ear done, so they don’t get confused!

If you opt to get each side done at different times, it might be a good idea to think about how hard your tongue will have swollen and the pain associated with healing (within 2-4 months). Getting both sides pierced in one sitting can make the process easier for you.

How Much Double Tongue Piercing Hurt?

The pain of new piercings varies wildly, and your experience will be different from anyone else’s. That being said, some general guidelines can help you prepare for the procedure – which we’ll discuss more in later chapters.

A piercing doesn’t necessarily hurt less because it’s on a “sensitive spot” like an earlobe or nipple; instead, what matters most is where the skin was pierced: The higher up along your body, something gets poked with a needle (eardrum > eyebrow), or if more nerves were pulled when inserted into tissue (inner cheek vs. lip).

Tongue piercings are not as painful as one might think. The swelling following is really uncomfortable, and this can last for a few days or so after healing up.

I’m sure you know what it feels like to have a piercing that only lasts for two weeks. It doesn’t even seem worth the pain and swelling. With double tongue piercings – which are more common than single ones these days – not only does your mouth swell up, but so do both of your tongues at once!

What would be really cool is if we could get them in our ears or on our noses too!

Getting two piercings in the same location doubles down on all of that nerve compression. The post-op healing time can be more than double what it is for a single piercing, so deciding to go under with both at once might not always be your best bet.

It’s hard enough dealing with one tongue piercing, let alone getting another right next door; you’re basically asking for twice as much pain and discomfort during the recovery period, too, which isn’t something many people want or need these days anymore anyway!

If you’re looking for something that will only take a second, try getting your tongue pierced. Many people with low pain thresholds have said this was fairly easy to handle, and it’s over quickly!

How Much Does A Frog Eye Piercing Cost?

The final price of a piercing depends on the studio you go to. Some charge one flat fee for piercings and jewelry, while others have separate prices for each service.

Getting two piercings at once can get pricey, but it also means you’re making the process twice as fast. For most piercing types, a frog eye-piercing will cost somewhere between $50 and $100!

Getting both of your ears pierced simultaneously is an exciting experience for any young woman looking to rebel against their parents’ old-fashioned values or fit in with the newest trends on campus (or even make some new friends). But how much do these simultaneous earrings really set you back? In general, a pair of tongue studs might be anywhere from 50 dollars to 100 dollars depending on where they are located–but this doesn’t guarantee that getting them together won’t still add up quickly. Why not try out our all-natural.

The use of piercings has been gaining prominence in recent years, with demand for them increasing. This is why you’re more likely to find a deal when searching the lower-demand areas or those where there’s less competition among studios and shops.

For anyone who wants an edge on their piercing experience, such as by saving money while still getting quality workmanship from professionals like they’ve come to expect at 24K Gold Piercing Studio Inc., it pays off immensely to scout out deals outside major metropolitan cities that are typically pricier than other locations around the country due largely because so many people live nearby and want access within easy driving distance during regular business hours.

Piercing is one of those experiences, like a tattoo or haircare treatment that you should probably research and prepare for. Piercers have skillsets to hone, different studio cultures to understand before they can be trusted with your body’s most intimate space.

Piercing: it goes without saying, but sometimes we need reminding – make sure the piercer has been trained in this skill by someone qualified!

It’s important to know that it’s not just about the price, but also where you feel most comfortable. Piercing studios are a dime-a-dozen, and the best one for your needs is out there somewhere!

Getting body modifications is not the time to be cheap. That being said, if you find a couple of places with similar reputations and experienced piercers, then it’s okay to save a little money where possible.

What To Do Before Getting A Double Tongue Piercing

Getting a double tongue piercing is intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are three things you can do before going into the studio.

1) Find out whether or not your piercer has experience with this type of procedure and inquire about their safety standards for doing so if they don’t specialize in them. They’ll need training on how to use specific equipment for these types of piercings, like an electric surgical saw which should already come standard at every professional establishment.

2) Research different jewelry options beforehand because there may be some limitations depending on what kind of lip tissue you are getting pierced through- such as thinner skin near the edges means only thin gauge rings will work; thicker tissue requires larger than average gauges.

Rest up

Get your beauty sleep before you get a new piercing to avoid any unnecessary pain. Healing and sleeping well are key for having an amazing experience, so make sure that’s one of the first things on your agenda!

Just because you’ve never gotten a certain piercing before doesn’t mean it won’t feel good. You might be surprised at how much fun these piercings are, especially if they’re in the right spot. Whether or not that’s what you’re going for, though, can only happen with first-hand experience and experimentation!

There is absolutely no harm to trying out different types of tongue piercings on yourself to see which ones work best for you as each person has their own preferences when it comes down to this type of thing – so don’t hesitate to get some today!

You want to go into the piercing studio with a clear head. Therefore, scheduling your piercing appointment at any time other than when you have deadlines or are intoxicated is advisable.

It also means avoiding alcohol or drugs before heading for your piercing session. If those substances help you cope with anxiety and pain associated with getting pierced, think again! They’ll likely heighten these feelings instead of taking them away like they’re supposed to do in this situation because it’s best if everything goes as smoothly as possible during an experience that can be stressful even without anything adding on top of it from outside factors such as substance use issues which may increase one’s sensitivity levels towards additional sources of stressors present before their scheduled visit date coming up soon- so plan

Getting a piercing before working out can be painful and take longer to heal.

Getting pierced should not interfere with your workout regimen as long as you are mindful of the best time for each activity. If piercings happen first, then let yourself rest afterward, so that blood flow is directed at healing those tired muscles instead!

Frog Eye Piercing Aftercare & Cleaning Guide

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Here are the easy aftercare steps:

  1. Would you mind washing your hands before tightening jewelry or giving yourself a piercing because they’ll be filthy afterward anyways?
  2. After you wash, dry your hands, then make sure to take out all of the jewelry before washing.
  3. It is important to continue brushing your teeth, but be gentle and don’t brush the tongue until all of the swellings have gone down.
  4. Rinse your mouth with warm salt water twice per day to prevent infection caused by the bacteria that linger on your teeth.
  5. Don’t smoke or drink alcohol as they will irritate your piercing.
  6. While the tongue is still swollen, it’s best to avoid too hot or spicy foods.
  7. Avoid playing with your piercing, either by hand or teeth.

After Inked Piercing Aftercare Spray is the best product for aftercare that I’ve personally used, it has a vegan formula, and it’s alcohol-free, making it safe on sensitive skin and all other types of skin. The spray comes in generously sized bottles which make application easy; when applied from the beginning of the healing process, your pain will be eliminated with this solution!

The best aftercare product I’ve personally used is After Inked Piercing AfterCare Spray because its vegan formulation works safely on any type of skin and doesn’t have harmful ingredients like additives or alcohols – so there are no worries about sensitivity to these products. With such generous sizing, you won’t need much effort to

How Long Does a Double Tongue Piercing Take To Heal?

Tongue piercings might be the most difficult piercing to heal, but they are worth it. It just takes time and patience for your tongue to bounce back into shape after a procedure like this. But with so many options that you can choose from in terms of jewelry sizes and shapes or even place on your mouth, why would anyone want only one?

This is not my first rodeo when it comes to getting pierced! I have been through some pretty intense procedures before-and, let me tell ya: none as hard as dealing with swelling and talking difficulties post-tongue piercing (although still less painful than nipple piercings). With healing typically taking no more than 5 weeks if all goes well – double or single doesn’t matter.

You can expect your tongue to heal within about a week, but that doesn’t mean you should stop wearing jewelry for extended periods of time. Tongue piercings are notorious for closing up quickly, even after less than an hour out of the piercing.

Frog Eye Piercing Infections

The frog eye is a popular piercing that anyone with an adventurous spirit should consider. Like any other type of body modification, the downside to this piercing is the possibility of infection. However, there are precautions you can take to prevent infections from occurring – as long as they’re followed closely! Watch out for redness or inflammation, and make sure it doesn’t last more than 10 days if not accompanied by pain or bleeding. A discharge will also be present, but luckily some discharge (although yellow pus) isn’t too problematic, so don’t worry about it unless your tongue becomes heavily discolored- then head straight over to the nearest doctor’s office immediately!

As always when getting pierced anywhere on your face/body:

Risks Factors in Double Tongue Piercing

Double tongue piercings are not as risky as you’d think. In this article, we’ll go over the risks and benefits of double tongues so that hopefully, your decision will be clear by the end.

In my opinion, I would say there is little risk involved with getting a double pierced tongue- but only if it’s done right! There seem to be many possible risks associated with these piercings, from an infected piercing site to accidentally swallowing jewelry…

  1. Infection
  2. A piercing migration is when the body rejects the jewelry and pushes it to a different location on your skin.

The moment you get that sharp pain in your ear, you know something’s wrong. Piercing migrations are totally normal, so don’t worry; they happen every single day all across America! The best way to prevent them from happening again? Treating yourself with some antimicrobial ointment before putting back in those plugs or posts of yours

3. The excessive swelling that makes it difficult to breathe is a common symptom of allergies.
I hope you’re feeling better soon!

4. Piercing your tongue with a sharp object can lead to tooth or gum damage. Just in case that wasn’t enough, don’t play with them too much, and you’ll be able to avoid the other risks as well!

If you pierce your teeth instead of just playing around on random piercings, our dentist may have some bad news for you: You could cause serious dental problems like cavities or even gingivitis by piercing through sensitive tissue such as bone near nerves and arteries. Don’t let this happen because it will only get worse over time if left unattended- so stop poking at those mouth holes now before things go downhill from there

5. I don’t know what’s worse: swallowing a handful of the little plastic balls that come with some jewelry to keep them from rattling around and getting lost or having one get wedged inside your body. In either case, it is advisable to be careful about how you store those suckers so as not to lose any more than necessary!

Frog Eye Piercing Jewelry

You will start your piercing jewelry off with a long barbell in each hole. Gold, titanium, or surgical steel are the best when picking out a material for these pieces of body art because they have been proven to be less likely than others to harboring bacteria and causing an allergic reaction. After swelling goes down, you can switch over into shorter bars that won’t poke through too deep so as not to chip teeth!.


You might have a little more pain and cost when it comes to frog eyes, but once the healing period is done, you’ll be happy with those shiny ‘eyes’ peeking out of your mouth. Take care to rinse off any bacteria that may build up in your mouth by using both an antiseptic mouthwash as well as saline rinses until fully healed- then show them off!




Double Tongue Piercing Guide and Aftercare

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